Wardrobe Essentials For Men In Nigeria

19. Jun 2020
Wardrobe Essentials For Men In Nigeria

Saint Laurent said Fashion fades, style is eternal. You need some essentials to always remain stylish and not just helplessly swayed around by constantly changing fashion trends.

With these essentials you can be sure you'll at least look good any day and anytime!

1. Quality jeans

Invest in a quality jeans( dark blue is most preferred) to match different outfits to give a casual or semi-formal look!

2. A suit

A man in a well fitted suit can be likened to a woman in a bikini. Navy blue, ash are versatile colours. Ensure they are well fitting, not too tight or loose.

3. A good dress shoe

People often notice the type of shoes you put on. Invest in a black or brown leather shoes to match your outfit. Remember your colour of belt should match the colour of your shoes

4. A clean white shirt

Trust me, every man should own at least one of this

5. Button down shirts

Blue, black, striped shirts are all good choices 6. Polo shirt This allows you to keep it casual and sporty at the same time.

7. A quality wristwatch

You can decide to go for leather wristwatch or metal chain wristwatch Black leather watch should be paired with a black belt and shoe Brown leather watch should be paired with a brown belt and shoe A metal watch(silver and gold are good choices) will go with almost every colour.

Also, analog watches look dressier and more mature than digital ones. Invest in a good watch and it will last a lifetime or many years!

8. Sneakers

They can be worn with a suit, jeans or t shirt to give a sporty look

9. Dress trousers

You need them to wear your shirts.

10. A white t shirt

11. Sunglasses

12. Socks

13. Belts

14. Jean jackets

15. A cool native dress for weddings, dinners and parties.


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