How to Write Instagram Product Captions That Sell 10X Better

17. Sep 2022
How to Write Instagram Product Captions That Sell 10X Better

Instagram is very visual- without pictures or videos, you cannot post on the platform. Appealing images will make people stop scrolling but without an engaging caption for your product, all you’re likely to get is probably a like. And I guess we all agree that “you cannot take likes to Oshodi or Idumota market”

What you need is not just a caption but an engaging caption- one that makes people leave comments or message you or visit your ecommerce website to buy.

Do you sell your products on Instagram in Nigeria? In this post, I will show you how you can write engaging Instagram captions that will help you increase your sales exponentially!


1. Don’t sell

Before you stop reading, let me explain what I mean. If you want to build an engaging Instagram page for your business, you cannot make every post with the aim of trying to sell directly. People actually hate being sold to, especially all the time.

A good rule is to make about half of your posts with the aim to build engagement and then sell directly with the other half. This strategy helps your brand grow faster while building a loyal fan base and reaching more people that are likely to become customers in the future.


2. Aim to evoke emotions

Buying online is easier/irresistible for customers when positive emotions are involved. When you are writing a caption for your product, you should aim to evoke the emotions of whoever is reading your post.

One way you can do this is by starting with words like “think’, ‘imagine’. Explain vividly how your customers would feel after purchasing and using your product. Better still, make them feel like they are using the product already. Appeal to their emotions. Don’t be super logical all the time.

Another way to do this is through the use of sensory words. These words help you slip past the logic gates of your prospective customers. These are the words that evoke the 5 senses- sight, touch, smell, sound, taste. This is particularly useful in the food industry. Some of these words include creamiest, chewy, mouth-watering e.t.c. Sensory words turns your captions into pictures in the minds of readers.

Story-telling works like hell too if you do it right. Stories are 20X more memorable than facts. Tell a mini-story associated with your product and how it came into existence. You can also tell a story about a past problem you faced because you didn’t have the product. Make sure to include how having that product helped or could have helped you in solving the problem.


3. Benefits over features

A big mistake many are making is that they just copy the manufacturers default product descriptions (usually laden with features) and paste them in their captions.

What the average customer cares about is how the product can help them and not what features it claims to have. Features are sometimes industry jargon an average customer may not understand.

If you want, you can blend your features with benefits. E.g. Instead of writing- ‘This Bible has a thumb Index’, a better alternative might be ‘Locating any book in this Bible is super easy and fast with its thumb index’.

In summary, focus more on painpoints- how those features can actually help your customers. Because that is why they care about the most!


4. Tell them what to do

Another common mistake is not telling people the action you want them to take. Don’t always assume that they will automatically do what you have in mind.

Always add a call-to-action (CTA) to your captions. Examples include ‘what’s your favourite scent, comment below’, ‘please share with your friends and family’, ‘Click the link in bio to buy’, ‘DM to order’ etc. With time, you’ll discover the best CTAs that work best for your business.


5. Make your caption easy to read

Don’t write in a too formal tone. You should write in a conversational tone. Make your readers feel like you are talking personally to them. It should be easy to read your caption. I mean, if it is difficult to read, then why write it in the first place?

Structuring your caption can be very helpful here. Break down your caption into lines and paragraph. Congested text is difficult to read.

Difficult to read instagram product caption

Anatomy of an Instagram caption

  • Hook
  • Body
  • CTA (Call-to-action)
  • Hashtags


Hook: This is the few lines of the caption you see while scrolling through your IG feed. Your goal should be to catch the viewer’s attention so that they click to read the rest of the caption. Instagram creates the hook from the first 285 characters of the caption.

Body: This is the main part of the caption where you connect, educate, entertain and list your product’s benefits

CTA: Tell them what you want them to do

Hashtags: You can add hashtags after your CTA to reach more people on Instagram


Here is what a good caption looks like:

There are few things as powerful as confidence. It’s a very attractive trait; a confident person is more likely to reach their peak! Now, imagine how much better and stronger you would become with a bit more dose of confidence…

And that’s the very reason why Illimitable Parfum was designed. Every single spray of our premium fragrance gives you a scent strong enough to last the day while helping you to be the most confident version of yourself

Are you ready to become confident & limitless? Visit the link in bio to buy now

#Fragrance #MenScent #Fashion #Parfum


When you apply these tips in writing a caption for your product, your chances of making more sales will increase exponentially. Be sure to sell a quality product and maintain a good reputation by treating your customers well. Happy selling.

Kindly share this posts with your friends and family! Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.


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