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9. Jul 2020
Get A Free Graphic Design

As a part of our commitment to helping Nigerian businesses and entrepreneurs thrive, we are giving out 500 free graphic designs.
Yes! 500 designs, 100% FREE.

The graphic design will:

1. Have no watermark or any text suggesting it's from us (Watermarked designs don't look professional)


2. Be of high quality


3. Be beautiful and eye-catching


4. Connect with your prospective customers


5. Give your business a professional look


All of these for free!

How Can I Get A Free Design From Awa Mart

You can now get a graphic design for your business for free in just 4 simple steps!
Limited time offer! Hurry now.


1. Post an advert of the business you want a design for on


2. Share your advert on facebook


3. Share this page on facebook using the share buttons below


4. Request for your graphic design


Please send the following in an email to [email protected]

1. A link to your advert on our website


2. Screenshots of the pages you shared on facebook


3. Your business name


4. Description for the graphic: Please be detailed as possible so that our graphic designers can give you the best


5. Your business website if present


6. Contact details to be included in the design e.g phone number or WhatsApp number.


Please use 'Graphic Design Request' as your email title so we can see your request as quick as possible.


Due to the large requests we have been receiving, your logo may take 2 to 4 days before it is delivered.


Remember, we only have 500 designs to give out for free and the designs will be done on a first come, first served basis! So hurry now and take advantage of this opportunity.


Also, please share this page with friends who may need a graphic design.


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