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19. Jun 2020
We Have Launched Business Profile For You

Based on the demand from many of our users, we have now integrated a business profile for you!

What is a business profile?

The business profile is an option that allows you to create your online store in few seconds!

Why do I need a business profile?

The business profile allows you to advertise better and grow your company or brand.

What can I add in my business profile?

1. Logo
2. Cover photo
3. Website
4. Opening hours
5. Social network links like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest
6. Your portfolio
7. Payment methods
8. Phone number
9. Features
10. Profile picture

Plus all your previous listings will appear under your business profile.

We designed the business profile with SEO (search engine optimization in mind) so you can be rest assured your business will show up on Google!

What's even a better news? The business profile option is free for all our users!
Take advantage of this opportunity today and get your brand or company more online visibility!

Visit business profile to create a business profile now

Visit awamart.com.ng/companies to see other business profiles on our website.


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